The People in the High Castle

What I didn't know about the concert last night in Grenoble is that I'd play in a bastille on a mountaintop overlooking the city, and would ascend to the venue in a petit dangling egg. Lately France is delivering the goods. Tonight I'll also play in an ancient fortress-like compound overlooking a city, this time Barcelona. Can Mas Deu was built in the fourteenth century, later used as a leper sanatorium, then ignored for many years as a ruin, it is now a squatted eco-community. It sits in a mountain greenbelt that defines the eastern edge of Barcelona, a ten minute walk and a world apart from towering blocks of apartments. Much to say about Can Mas Deu... it's community gardens, workshops, beer brewery, bakery, living nearly off the grid but right next to a metro station of a city of millions. This night celebrates their 7th anniversary. Seven years ago the police tried to evict them but failed. Their resistance tactic was to bolt chairs the hight exterior walls, climb out the windows, and sit in the chairs. Because the landscape doesn't permit the entrance of "cherry-picker" equipment that the police usually use for things like this, it was impossible to remove or arrest them. Tonight I'll deejay a bit, from 4am until 5am, that's about the time the sun rises out of the sea and bathes the terrace in angular orange light. I deejayed at their first anniversary at this same hour ago, and still remember. Metro Canyelles. If you come up tonight don't be scared by the herds of wild boars en route, at night they dumpster-dive the garbage from the apartment blocks.