That Alienated Feeling

I seriously fucked up and didn't post a single thing from the last two months of travels, despite actually writing a few pieces. I'll post them later out of sequence. After landing in Barcelona I've got that alienated feeling again. Who am I, what am I doing here? A community is a puzzle that you build a little piece in, when you go away for too long your spot is filled in and it's a heap of effort to carve it out again. It feels great to continuously travel, with only a day or two in a city all your friends come out of the woodwork to great you. When you actually live somewhere nobody cares, in theory they can reach you any time... except last time they called you didn't answer so now they don't bother because you are that shitty friend who is never there when they call. Such a different dynamic. The curse of a nomad is when they stop moving suddenly they realize their lifestyle is predicated on that motion.
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