Still Harping On About This Activist Crap 4 Planetary Survival

Last weekend I stumbled, hacked, and vomited my way from Bilbao to Slovenia, backtracking to Turin, up to Frankfurt, finally arriving in Salzburg. A big scribble the width of europe with fever-stolen memories. Basta with the shopping carts, it's time to change my m.o. and travel with a hospital gurney. Assuming I kill this flu and not the reverse, I'll be joining the peoples behind this video to make an interventionist bike gang at the Climate Summit in Copenhagen (December 8-16). My grain of salt will be to mount loudspeakers on a number of bikes, and compose an 8 channel sound piece. Each bikes loudspeaker fed by an mp3 source, with a synchronized start time. As an example how it will work, one sound might chase, jump from one bike to another, then emit from a fraction of the bikes, then all of them, then shift & mutate. The sound fodder will be cutup dialogue collages on the subject, melting glaciers pitched-up to piercing frequencies, alarms, the tranquil animal sounds of species soon to be extinct, and, of course, hellish end of the world four horsemen of the apocalypse styled noise.