Random Notes to Self on Leaving the USA

Late summer 2008 I spent in the US, a typical slow-motion tour for me. Cleaning up my desktop found these notes. Things i'd prefer not to forget: Jumping from the balcony of Jessika & Eyvand's apartment into the freezing Puget Sound on a perfect summer night. Here next to Vashon Island is where the world's largest octopi live, the stuff of mariner's fables. Discovering (or they discovered me?) the west coast scene i was previously ignorant about, a huge and healthy scene totally under the media radar, the ground zero seems to be Shambhala, with Emrgnsee and a few others filling out their summer migration. A brief meeting with Wendy MC Subzero Permafrost in Austin Texas. The small but energetic gig we did there. Swimming in Barton Springs between soundcheck and playing. Getting seriously lost on gravel logging roads deep in the forests of Oregon, nearly running out of gas and possibly being lost for days until coming across a helicopter logging operation whose ground-spotter pointed us in the direction of pavement and fuel. Burning Man continues to be the world's most interesting party. What it's lost in quality it's gained in stupifying size. In the Marin headlands we almost stepped on a large snake warming itself in the afternoon sun, minutes later saw a coyote. He saw us and promptly fled, looking over his shoulder all the while. When we arrived at the beach there was a seal playing in the waves. It's really inspiring to get the fuck out of europe and see some non-domesticed animals, especially so close to the west coasts 2nd biggest city. Ate too much putin in quebec. Rushed to New York City for the arrival of the Switchback to Sea flotilla. Later the Soot fiesta was madness as usual.