The site of the Bike Bloc construction, called the Candy Factory, was just raided by the police. I was peacefully chopping up bikes when they stormed in. Danish people are generally big, the police are some of their biggest physical examples, add to that cold weather puffy unibody suits and body armor, and they are fucking terrifying. After "processing" and expelling us, they've got all our equipment hostage. This includes the Sound Swarm gear: bikes, loudspeakers, my computer and sound files. Let's hope it's not collected as evidence. Conspiracy to make noise? They blocked the whole street with riot vans and even brought along a HazMat team and some other important looking crime-scene style specialists. What an honor! Or a waste! Basta with the puto cops. There are important issues at stake & I'm tired of being hounded from place to place by a bunch of gorillas with guns. �