Preaching to the Choir

On December 18, 2008, I played Jakarta, it was the first date of the Dirty Bomb tour. I've spent exactly a year touring. Last night it ended definitively and perfectly. For the first time this year my performance wasn't about planting seeds for future resistance, but throwing some gasoline on an already raging fire. It was in the middle of the urban autonomous zone of Christiania, in a big-top circus tent, to an over-capacity crowd, directly following a likely public discussion involving Naomi Klein & MIchael Hardt, and directly before a bloc of people slipped away to take some vengeance on the Danish state for all the humiliation they've been serving us. The last portion of the gig people continued to dance while tear gas drifted into the tent, concussion grenades reinforced the beats, and helicopters pounded overhead. It even got a mention in the international news. The march & action for tomorrow has a consensus agreement of tactics, that there will be no escalation of force or response to police violence. It's the standard standard civil disobedience code. All the better that the pitched battles like last night happen at other times and places. Today will be a marathon of preparation and tomorrow action. After last night I'm ready for anything.