Postcard from the Eye of a Hurricane

For the last week the uprising in Spain has reduced to a simmer. The movement, which is increasingly called either "15M" for it's start date, or "los indignados" for it's broad indignation, has now decentralized. Meetings now take place in each barrio; Barcelona's central plaza is mostly abandoned by campers. The state took advantage of the quiet spell to arrest the supposed leaders of the net activist/hacker collective Anonymous, who are closely associated with the movement. The police published this surreal foto of a Guy Fawkes mask, usually worn by Anonymous when doing public actions, as evidence against the accused. an image so ridiculous that within minutes there were several remixes circulating, like the below. Tomorrow things are going to get extremely caliente. We intend to block the Catalan parliament. If you live in Catalunya no te lo pierdas, 7:30am. The early bird gets the worm. Many people will be wearing the Anonymous mask. Surrounding the parliament wearing these masks, made famous by the film V for Vendetta, has a certain irony. Are we trapped in a feedback loop between reality and fiction?