Memoirs of Shopping Carts

In Balikpapan, Borneo, the organizers brought the cart gig on a puny motor scooter, weaving through the typical traffic snarls of Southeast Asia. The passenger wore it like a backpack, grasping it over his shoulders, as the driver kept his thumb firmly on the horn button. In Australia shopping carts so densely litter the streets that in each gig it was as easy as taking a short walk to find one. Normally they could be found in pairs, upside-down and connected by their chain handles to release both their deposit coins, like two insects that died in the act of kissing. In France the cart was always mounted onstage when I arrived, exactly as it appears on the stage diagram, with a pair of stage technicians asking "it's okay?" Just the other side of the Pyrenees in Spain the promoters like to leave it until the last possible minute. In San Francisco & Los Angeles the promoters backed out of the task. In both cities a beautiful, charming, intelligent asian-american girl with a white conversion van volunteered to rob me a cart �Viva la patria! In Seattle the carts are now all painted matte black. MInutes before starting the gig I was backstage choking on the fumes of sliver spray-paint, so it would look more authentic. In Japan there are almost no american-style shopping carts. Some friends in the Tokyo anarchist scene found one half buried in sand on a remote beach. They dug up this treasure and carried it to the city, where it's always available for use. On the west coast of the US people collect the pretty glass floats of the japanese fishing fleets, on the east coast of Japan they are reimbursed with this one rusted cage of consumerism. Mid-performane in Thessaloniki a woman in high heels jumped into the cart to do some kind of greek dance with her arms in the air. In Moscow a team successfully stole the cart, but the police figured out what was going on and arrested the accomplice who'd made a distraction. The promoter had to pay a bribe to get her out of jail. After the concert they said they'd do it all over again if I return. Some party pics. Excuse the silly crossfades.