I Regret to Inform You That We Are Doomed

It would have been better if all of our efforts to intervene and pressure the Climate Summit this wednesday would have been moot. If the delegates were arriving at a powerful and binding agreement to avert global catastrophe. We could have re-purposed the march & direct actions into a victory parade, given flowers to the police along the way and blown kisses to the suits inside. Unfortunately my pessimism is confirmed. There's been plenty of obstructionism and stonewalling by the delegations inside, �of course most of the blame squarely falling on the wealthiest block of nations, it's our lifestyle that's fucked up this planet and it's our responsibility to bring it back from the brink of disaster. But, unlike most the people I know, I'm not sympathetic to many of the developing nation's demands either. Inside every hyper-populated developing nation is a (numerically large) class of rich assholes living large. Not to mention that it's dubious to agree to carbon expansion so they can industrialize following the same erroneous path as the "developed" nations. So, in the face of faltering summit, likely to have a spineless accord or none at all, and in the local context of total police oppression, my sound intervention seems sadly more appropriate than ever. In a few days I'll be arrested. Add me to the 1500 people who already had that pleasure in the last few days of mass pre-emptive arrests. Prisoners are hog-tied and lined up in the street for up to 5 hours, urinating on the themselves and freezing in the sub-zero cold. Maybe they'll arrive a miracle agreement in the last few days, maybe the cops will back off and allow some dissent to be heard, maybe hell will freeze over and pigs will fly. I'm still pessimistic, but would LOVE to be wrong. Despite all this Copenhagen hasn't been a downer. It's been an inspiration. Just to see the tremendous number of people who've dedicated their lives to this issue, or the nearly hundred thousand who marched 8km in the freezing wind, meet new and old friends, witness the growing movement, �the solidarity, visit the free-town of Christiania. These experiences will keep me warm for the year to come.