From World Citizen to Refugee in One Step

Some changes in my personal life make me feel I have no more reason to be in Barcelona. The problem is that I don't know where else I belong. It's a terrible feeling to not belonging anywhere, but it's a great feeling to belong everywhere. I've long felt the latter, but right now I'm under the influence of the former. Here are the options for the next few months. A. STAY PUT Plant myself in Barcelona with no long trips for at least six months. Begin a campaign to reduce new stimulus, enter into rhythm of daily life, work on music production, get back to training capoeira, meet new people, deepen friendships, etc... Be a human being rooted to a particular community. B. GET OUT B1.�Spend a month in Cairo, from there travel overland from there to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Stay with friends in Addis for a while, then look for a boat to Yemen. Eventually get to India where I can visit other friends, resume studying tabla, and even play some gigs in the subcontinent. B2. Rent a stateroom on a cargo ship. Before jet travel this was a common way to get where you needed to go, and it's still possible to do, although expensive. The rooms are spacious enough to setup a decent studio. Imagine viewing the horizon from the tower of a container ship, you could see as far as the curvature of the earth in every direction. Days of nothing but weather, waves, and repetitive meals with the crew, punctuated with stops in the world's busiest ports. Choosing the right route would drop me in spots for tracking vocals. This one looks good: Hamburg - Antwerp - Genoa - Suez - Jakarta - Singapore - Hong Kong - Shanghai - Dalian - Yokohama - New Orleans - Houston - Hamburg. Everyone hypes the internet as the symbol of the global economy, but the real lynchpin is containerized shipping. A typical ship is built in the Baltics, owned by Greeks, flies a Panamanian flag, and crewed by philipinos, spends it's life hauling raw material from the developing world, finished products from china, post-consumer waste from Europe & the States, to finally die on a beach in Bangladesh. C. VETE A LA PUTA MIERDA. This was a pre-emptive write-in vote. -------------- Advantage of �A- I could become internet famous. Like all those artist who bombard you with daily emails announcing every gig, mix, or new track, tarted up with generous exclamation marks!! and ALL CAPS. Instead of wasting my days in trains and airports I could focus on social networking and spam myself into fame. He who shouts the loudest gets heard. As Sr. Rupture pointed out to me:� gigs are inefficient. One concert often burns up 2 whole days of prep & transit to play to a crowd of (at best) 100 interested people, that same time spent promoting yourself online would yield some real results. Advantage of B2- maybe I would see the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, an area twice the size of spain where your plastic water bottles eventual goes to disintegrate. All this plastic flotsam slowly breaks into tiny pieces, "nurdles"� that act as sponges for toxins. These tiny toxic pieces move through the food chain until concentrating in carnivores like us, resulting in cancer or birth defects.� It doesn't seem like a good plan to improve one's mood, but, yeah, edifying, or at least cause to think about bigger problems. - - - - - - - - - - - There is time in life for all these things, I'm not even halfway to death, so it's not so much a choice of what to do, but in what order to do them.