Upset Stomach Founds My Filmic Career

Today I woke up with a funny feeling in my stomach. It was a milder version of the feeling I had while watching the movie "What the Bleep Do We Know," which is one of my least favorite films ever. The only other time I had such a gross feeling was the first time I witnessed the "Rocky Horror Picture Show." Then I had this realization that these two films mesmerize people equally, in fact they mesmerize the same type of people, and their titles perfectly rhyme. So, why don't a team of people put on wacky outfits and act out "What the Bleep..." in late night theaters? The person who doubles Ramtha must smear vaseline all over themselves to simulate the glowing soft-focus treatment that one she deserved in the original. Maybe I'll hire a team to do it, and make a false documentary about it. �Then I could rub elbows with Werner Herzog. We'd have to add some scenes to make the results actually watchable. A bit of�Bollywood masala as a finale, the deaf protagonist transvestite marries the cosmic spirit in a big colorful wedding scene with hundreds of dancers and brightly-turbaned dhol players.