the sinking ship

At the end of 2006 my life was going through a massive shift, personal relationships ended, friends imprisoned, companions died, longterm projects reached their terminus.� I was taking some downtime at an earthship in the New Mexican desert and working on this track. Calvin Hazen is a friend of friends via Madrid, and also a famously talented flamenco guitarist, was coincidentally nearby. We didn't have a anything resembling a guitar microphone, nor a stand, so we taped a cheap mic to a cardboard box. This was a few days before christmas. On xmas eve the Taos indian pueblo has an event, a syncretic ritual of catholic and indigenous customs, with a procession and towers of fire... and some gunshots to spice things up. This night was just so unbelievably beautiful, a bowl of sunset-purpled sky ringed by snow covered mountains, in an adobe village without electricity, standing knee deep in snow reflecting firelight from the pyres. It's inappropriate to use a camera at the pueblo event, so here's a pic from the road on the way. A few days later Tomiko Jones arrived, along with Maga Bo, and D.P. Punkass. We spent new years day with our hosts Christina and Christian, as they tested�Christian's remote-controlled robots for the first time in below-freezing conditions: