Saludos desde Obamastan

Washington DC felt like being in Bucarest after the fall of Ceausescu. Even a hater like myself can feel the Hope�, although it quickly disintegrated when, on the way to the airport, we passed the headquarters of the FBI and later the Pentagon building. It was the� first time i've seen either in real life. The last time I saw images of the Pentagon it had a airplane sticking out at a jaunty angle. Queda mejor asi. Lot's of corn-syrup-fed lumpy bodies here in 'merica. Lot's of adults speak that with the vocabularies of ten-year-olds. Why do they continue to eat food that turns them into landwhales? Why do they say "like" between every other word?� But I'm sure Obama will fix all these things.� At very least activists can now work on making progress, rather than constantly playing defense to Bush's neanderthal policies. For eight long years our discourse was reduced to dumbness like "war is bad."� Never argue with a fool...� but what choice did we have.