New Maga Bo doc on Ghislain Poirier

(Maga) Bo just released another of his mini-docs. He gets great results using only his point&shoot camera on video mode, plus a decent audio recorder. He miraculously makes these videos on top of his usual workload of producing, remixing, touring, booking, artist self-management, promotional slog, and paid labor as sound recordist for documentary film. Text below from his release notes.�
The timing is perfect for readers in the PacNW. Ghislain will play Seattle on friday April 17th @ Chop Suey. Don't sleep on it.
I�ve been a big fan of Ghis� full, round and sturdy minimal beats for a long time. �He�s curious and open to new sounds. �He does tropical tracks. �In Montreal. �He�s a sweet, friendly and open guy, which, I think, is a big reason why he�s made all of these great tracks and collaborations. �He makes the effort to get out and connect with folks from all over the place. �It shows in the music.
With this series of mini-docs, I want to demystify the music production process a bit and bring out the humanity of it. �After all, music is a manifestation of history. �of choices and relationships. �This is common to any art, discipline, individual, group or society. �Through communication, real and imaginary differences and similarities become clearer. �Separatist ghetto exoticism cannot exist in this space. �Tamu juntos e misturados.