Live in Tokyo - an audience-posted youtube clip

Over the last four years I've witnessed a cluster of anarchist, situationist, and bohemian types making alliances and grown in number to now constitute a shadow counter-system, a body politic with it's heart in the Koenji barrio, and it's brain at the Irregular Rhythm Asylum in Shinjuku. While I was there they held a May Day march through the chic shopping districts of Harajuku and Shibuya, it was a massive transgression of Japanese public society. Bystanders at first looked uncomprehending, acts of defiance being so scarce here that the first assumption of an onlooker is that we were a promotional stunt, then the gradual realization that all these people in the street were actually discontented. The distorted soundsystem trucks belting out techno, bucket brigades, banners, and shouted slogans would have been so tired to me in europe but were fucking invigorating here. It felt like something real, confrontation and new in this context. Principally because if there is a ground zero of consumer culture it's the Shibuya intersection. You've seen it in one documentary or another, a congruence of streets encircled by LCD screens and blinking signs the size of buildings, when the traffic lights give a pedestrian omni-directional green signal people flood between the dozen corners. A chaotic anti-capitalist procession here is not symbolic, neutered by it's distance from any discernible point of opposition, but a real act of sabotage at point-of-sale, a rupture in the atmosphere of obedience. This same crew organized this gig. I've got some high quality video from this same night that just needs to be edited together. As a preview here is this this posted by someone from the audience, which looks (and sounds) like it was shot on a mobile phone. �