£00T (aka LOOT) is a currency for a near-future pirate utopia of floating cities, free barrios and outlaw corners of the interweb. A fully convertible floating unit of foreign exchange. On April 3, 2012, £ooT’s opening value was pegged at 1/12 of a Bitcoin, equal to $0.375 USD or €.0341 EUR, see all rates.

Trade in your dirty nationalist money, issued by a Fed, ECB, your equivalent central bank or local tyrant, for a pile of £00T at any time, or vice versa. This makes £00T an ideal special investment vehicle for art speculators, money launderers or aspiring criminals, and a perfect tax-free savings haven for pensioners and the downtrodden. Get £00Ting now, and watch your wealth grow.

Exchange Bitcoin for £00T.   Buy 5 £00T for  USD$3.33.    Shipped to your door anywhere on earth.

Confused, looking for the Filastine album of the same name?
Buy £00T CD    Download £00T album 
or find it at  iTunes, Beatport, Amazon, Addictech, Boomkat

3 Responses to £00T

  1. Steele says:

    How do I buy l00t with bitcoins?

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