Just over the Pireneos

Last weekends three concerts in southern france went well. All the things I've grown to expect from France, delicious stinky cheeses, drives through precious little towns with wooden-shuttered windows, and excellent treatment of artists. This mini-tour ended at a very special place called Mix'art Myrys. �Their story is this... a collective squatted a building for years in central Toulouse, eventually made a deal with the local government to swap, they left their inner-city space in exchange for a big factory space on the periphery. So many inspiring stories like this in europe, how people have struggled and actually won something from the process. Fotos are of the bar, the bathroom, and the shipping container that was our hotel room for the night. This place and these people are just right. Bonus that I was joined onstage by a pair of excellent tribal-fusion belly dancers Nadyka.