I Like Ice Flows, Do You Care?

Lately I've suffered a crisis of confidence with this here log. I'm not sure what is worth writing about.� I fear that what's remarkable to me may not be so for any reader. For instances ice: chunks of ice in the rivers of Strasbourg, Berlin, Koln, and Montreal. And the train journey yesterday across upstate New York followed a frozen river with it's first gaps of spring thaw, dozens of bald eagles on the edge of the ice holes looking for fish.� This is thrilling! But maybe not second hand? Montreal's fine underground scene continues apace. It was impossible not to fall in love with Apocalyptica,� the promoters of the gig there last night, with their feral style and diy-punk approach to throwing a dubstep/bass party. Big up to women promoters in general, even more so when they're decidedly downscale.