Distilled Personal Freedom

Greetings from the K-Shack, named after Ted "unabomber" Kaczynski's home of similar size and simplicity. It's located in a wide open desert mesa with a deep crack down the middle formed by the Rio Grande, and ringed by mountains. At this time of year the mesa is alternately buffeted blizzards and baked by sunshine. You can see the weather an hour before it arrives. During the night you can also see this thing called the sky, not just a bunch of refracted light pollution. I wake up every day at 5am with the first rays of sun, and look out the window to see a few rabbits nibbling on some frosted vegetation. The K-shack is part of the Gearhouse compound, the home/shop of two stellar persons,�Christina Spitfire and Christian Ristow.� The few other humans living out here are all interesting in one way or another. Mostly dropouts, be they hippy, anarchist, or right-leaning patriots. Some burned out vets living out of trucks, as see in the documentary Off the Grid�(dubious film but a nice trailer). �The best communities on the mesa are eco-quixotes as seen in the phenomenal documentary Garbage Warrior. Whenever I feel sick of europe, which is often, I dream of this place. So I make it one of the longest stops on any tour of North America. It's also where I make repairs. Here is a video that takes you through the house, the K-Shack, and the shop where we were modifying my performance kit.� Today is friday, and I play in San Francisco (at 103 Harriet) tonight, so no more time to write... long drive and flight ahead.