Dark Populist Fairytales Made in the USA

The last mini-tour of uk-france-sweden offered plenty of transit time to watch films. Finally got around to finishing two. By now everybody has seen or heard of Zeitgeist. If you've purposely avoided seeing it here is a synopsis. It's a long downward arc. The film starts great with a debunking of christianity from a fresh angle, citing examples (with low-budget graphics) of how the bible was wholesale cobbled from older folkloric myths and sky-worship. Chapter two jumps without segue to 9/11 conspiracy theory, a story which is far better elaborated in the video Loose Change. Chapter three is an meandering nutcase rant about one-world government that ends with a new-age collage. There you are, watch part one. � R. Kelley's Trapped in the Closet is simply a masterpiece from start to finish. He can almost be forgiven for his dubious recording career, AND pissing in the mouth's of teenage girls, for producing such an opus. The Gilgamesh epic poem for our times. Yeah, it's old, and of course I saw a few of the chapters years ago, but I just finally got ahold of the whole file. Seems like peeps in europe have never heard of it, so I'm now passing it to the advanced anglo-speakers.� Reminds me about one trip on an overcrowded bus crossing the Atlas mountains in Morocco. This bus was the type with built-in video monitors above the center aisle and shrill loudspeakers above every seat. Most of the journey we were entertained by a long compilation of one of those reality TV cop shows from the late nineties. It was called something like "Real Police Pursuit", and consisted wholly of violent car chases ranging across the twisted concrete-scape of the Los Angeles freeways, always ending in police beatings of "bad guy" blacks and latinos. It was dubbed into arabic directly on top of the english. A deadpan cairene translator spoke equally the drawl of the mustached cops and the truncated shouts of the pursued. The bus passengers were riveted, the chain-smoking middle-aged men, the veiled women vomiting with motion sickness, the obnoxious playboys in their velour track suits, everybody watched with rapt attention.