Cascadia Recap & Life vs Twitter

The concerts in portland, seattle, and seattle's afterparty all went super well.�Video clip from Portland, April 10. Skip forward 1 minute to start. ��All this high-density real life experience has put a cramp in my ability to log, and definitely stifled my "status updates". �I'm on twitter now and you can follow me. Stating the obvious, but the less interesting physical life is, the more time and energy I have to twitter about it. �Silence just means priority to the moment. On friday I gave a presentation of my production and performance methods to an all-girl catholic school. This was "good friday" coincidentally.��It was surprisingly fun, they seemed curious and appreciative. Part of their homework the previous night was to read the part of my blog titled "How I Built a Dirty Bomb." I expected some ironic results from the record's bombastic title, but this was above and beyond.