Berlin continues to be a case studio of a city in it's moment of �bohemia. It's slightly over-ripe already, you can see the rot starting to settle in. My host Stacey is being evicted, they will remodel his apartment and triple the rent. As he puts it "now my neighborhood is all rich fucks and baby strollers."� The concert last night was wonderful. The Transmediale, being clever types, aggregated our genre-with-no-name,�I was on a bill with Ghislain Pourier, Maga Bo, Sweat X, and others. Maybe we'll see more of this in the future, once a few other festivals wipe the sleep from their eyes. Or maybe not, and obscurity will be my forever companion. Da igual.� Some video from my set- It was the first time i've seen Sweat X, if they don't become dance music superstars there is no justice in the world. The production is super advanced and Spoek's stage presence has no match. Really, I had to play after him and Sibot (Playdoe) in Paris last year and was shitting myself. Discover this Capetown scene now so you can enjoy them at small gigs, because in a few years you'll have to be smashed against 10k ignorant ravers at some mega-festival. � �